Digital Marketing & Social Media management Agency in Nigeria
Digital Marketing & Social Media management Agency in Nigeria

Digital marketing Agency in Nigeria

Pent hosting is a digital marketing agency in Nigeria that helps to market businesses online. We believe that marketing is a core aspect of any business, if their is no marketing their will be no sales, if their is no sales the business is more likely to fold up.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is the core aspect of every business. No matter how good a product or service is, the sales will depend on how the business owner has invested in the marketing technique that best work for his business. Before now, businesses have tremendously made use of the traditional forms of marketing and adverts which includes radio jingles, T.V Adverts, Newspapers and so on.

Since the emergence of internet, communication and networking around the world through different electronic media gadgets has been enhanced. To make interaction more interesting, different applications, software, sites, groups, forums and platforms were created to enhance sharing and transfer of information from one place to another.


Some of the components of Digital Marketing are listed below:

  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Search Engine Marketing
  •  Social Media Marketing
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Content Management
  •  Paid Marketing
  •  Online Reputation Management
  •  Digital Analytics

Social Media Marketing

We use Social Media marketing as a fore front for communication and interaction among different people across the internet. With time, Social Media expanded with the introduction of new social media sites.

Over time, different social media platforms have been created with different purpose and features just as some appeared to have gone into extinction.


Don’t be surprised, you may not have heard of some of the social sites I will list here but guess what?

They exist.

 Facebook,  Flixster,  Flickr,  Foursquare,  Google+,  Instagram


Pent Hosting, being a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria, we understand how social media marketing works. Our focus is to analyze your business model and your marketing goals with a clear understanding of your target audience. It is important to know that not all the afore mentioned social sites are relevant for your business.

Therefore, we help you to focus on creating the social media platform that best work with your business and reveal the secrets to connecting and registering your business on the platforms. We help you to make use of your social media platforms to drive traffic to your website which will allow you reach more customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Pent Hosting is a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria that provides the solution to the challenge of ranking business on Search Engines through a gradual measurable process known as Organic ranking.

We get involved in the business activities and map out effective strategies that can help your business to trend online as we gradually watch you move higher in the rank to the first position.


When your website or web platform is optimized on search engine, you stand to enjoy the following


 Increased exposure and brand awareness

 Targeted website traffic

 Cost effective marketing

 Opens you up for more business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a component of Digital Marketing that allows you to locate your niche and target audience online and share a GOOD content to educate, teach and inform them in order to provide solution to their problems, drive sales, drive traffic to your web platform and increase profits on goods and services delivered.

Intelligent marketers know that the traditional marketing is becoming less effective, therefore, they are creating channels across the social media platforms where they can share GOOD contents to drive sales.

As part of our services as a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria we help our client to develop a good content, we also train them how they can identify and choose a perfect keyword for their business, we help them achieve internal links with contents in order to increase their click through rate (CRT), we put them through how they can organically develop their contents to fit in for Search Engine Optimization.

We belief that CONTENT IS KING and a good content is a veritable tool for any Digital Marketing Agency to promote any business online.

Social Media Management

When you recognize the social media platforms that communicates best with your target audience, then next thing is to sign up on them and begin to establish the necessary brand awareness and provide solutions to your target audience’s needs. All these activities define Social Media Management.


What makes Pent Hosting a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria is how we handle social media management for our clients. We make use of some plugins, scripts and tools for sharing contents, receiving updates and tracking our progress online. This makes it easier to connect to the company’s target audience over the internet, run a massive campaign and promote business online.


When you take advantage of the social media marketing you stand to benefit the following:

 Improved audience insight

 Improved customer service

 Content is easily distributed

 Become an influencer in your industry

 Increased traffic

 Enhanced SEO ranking

 Save money

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As a digital marketing agency in Nigeria, we focus more on the business goals and also make sure that the business model of the company is clearly defined. This will serve as a guide to reaching your target audience online. Our Strategic Digital Marketing Approach will help you to convey your message in the best form (audio, video,graphics and info-graphics) to your audience's understanding. Our online marketing approach is therefore accompanied with a system to measure and improve on the marketing techniques.


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