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How to market your songs as an Artist/Musicians

How to market your songs as an Artist/Musicians

Sure ways on how to market your songs on the internet

As an artist one of the important aspect of your career is marketing the songs you’ve written and produced. Most artist believe writing a great song alone is key to making fame or money, while it’s just one aspect of it all, if it isn’t then even my grandma would have been famous.
And I noticed most artist are still using the same method that is no longer working to market their songs. That’s why you see Good artist dropping out of the industry and then putting the blame on the economy.

In these post we will be talking about ways you can use to market your songs and by going through the whole step that will be mentioned in these article you will also be able to :

  • Build your fan base
  • Increase in popularity
  • land a record deal
  • Increase in songs download
  • And in turn you will have increase ROI
  1. BUILD A WEBSITE: having a website of your own has endless possibilities and it also help to position you as a professional artist. And as you know having your own website makes you unrestricted, you have full control of the look and feel of your brand, which in turn can help you tell a story that fits the brand(you the artist). Note make sure you integrate a blog into the website to enable you reach out to you fans on a daily or weekly basis. Take a quick view on how a professional artist website should look like Mr. Executive
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA: I know you have been hearing about using social media for business and promoting your songs but the thing is most artist are doing it the wrong way. Most artist just copy and paste the link of their song on Facebook and believe people will start downloading it in thousands and millions. Well let me shock you people don’t care about your song, what they care about is the story behind the song and how creative you are to make them click on the link to listen or download the song. SOCIAL media can really help you build your fan base with little or no stress and limited resources to spend compared to the traditional music promotion company. So get Facebook, Twitter, instagram account and start telling stories that touches the heart.
  3. MUSIC SHARING/DOWNLOAD SITES: It’s no news that you need to upload your songs on popular music websites so that people who care can download and listen to your songs, which also help in building your brand on the internet, the internet which is one of the greatest place on earth to promote your your brand and your songs. And it will surprise you know that registering on those sites are usually free and some of them you can monetize your songs on the site so people can pay a little fee before they can download your songs. Examples of websites are soundcloud , reverbnation , naijapals , tooxclusive
  4. LIVE PERFORMANCE: Every artist should be a performer and there’s also great need to look for every opportunity to perform your songs on live events, people loves to talk about great performance they saw in events/shows. These can be quite difficult because no event manager wanna ruin there event with upcoming artist that are not talented and charismatic on stage. So my advice is get a rugged manager that can go out there and get events for you to perform even if it’s for free at the early stage.

Brief music industry Analysis: let’s not deceive ourselves the music industry around the world differs. And here in Nigeria the only way for now you can really make a living out of the industry is by live performance and a little from selling your album. We have so many sites people can download your songs from and its all for free except you wanna monetize the songs which won’t allow more people to get to hear you.

It is advisable to focus on getting popularity on the web as it will enable you to make money from sites like YouTube and from shows/events, it’s only when you are popular people can satisfactorily invite you to perform and pay you good money for it.

MUSIC business is broad you can even make money from training other people, from your website blog, musical equipment rentals, and creating viral music videos and songs.
If you have more tips feel free to comment below, and if you need our professional digital marketing services you can also comment below.


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