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Online Business Directories: 12 Amazing places to lists your Business

Online Business Directories: 12 Amazing places to lists your Business

WHAT IS ONLINE BUSINESS DIRECTORIES: These are online web platform any business owner can list his or her business online for more visibility to potential customers looking for businesses offering the products and services they are looking for on those platforms.

Let me start this blog with a quote from Seth Godin which says ‘Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell’.

If you have been doing well offline, kudos! but guess what? It’s time to go online! You can never underestimate your locked up treasures when you remain offline; You are only limiting your business locally when you are supposed to compete with your peers globally.

I am going to reveal just 12 amazing online business directories that you can register your business  and reach out to your customers easier and faster. This will also help you increase your sales and boost your online presence so that clients can easily find you globally. The places are listed below:

  1. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS: Google receives about 6 billion searches per day. So any smart business man will take advantage of listing his business on google places for business to increase his chances of being located easily. With these, your business appears on Google map, customers can leave reviews on your Google page and registering is easy and free.

online business directories



2. BING PLACES FOR BUSINESS: Bing is known as the second most visited search engines on the internet. You can also take advantage of this by listing your business there in order to reach out to more clients and improve sales. You can add multiple business locations at one time, include photos and videos during your listing and guess what? It is quick, easy and free to register.

   online business directories

3. YAHOO! LOCAL LISTING: Yahoo is the third most popular search engine. It also brings about millions of searches per day. You can take advantage of the Basic listing which is free to reach out to your clients.


online business directories


4. THE SME MARKET HUB: Having an audience is crucial to remaining competitive within the global marketplace. Hence, The SME MarketHub allows you to promote your business to an audience of customers near and far. It is also free and easy to sign up.

   online business directories


5. FACEBOOK PAGES: To move your business offline to online, the social media platforms are necessary. Sign up, create a Facebook page for your business, create contents in form of video, podcast, graphics and share.




6. TWITTER: Unlike other website twitter is a social network that can also serve as one of the online business directories to talk about your brand and business to potential customers.

twitter icon

7. LINKEDIN: This platform is a social network for professionals and people seeking to increase their career network. Small and large companies can utilize it by creating a company profile to promote the brand and services to professional customers.

linkedin icon

8. NIGERIA BUSINESS DIRECTORY: This platform allows businesses to be visible online, obtain new customers and generate more traffic. The free version allows 3 products, 4 photos, 5 keywords and 6 categories. You can also take advantage of this to move your business online.

online business directories






9. VCONNECT: Vconnect provides a platform to display your products for sale through their online store and you can leverage on their traffic to boost your sales.

   online business directories


10. FOURSQUARE FOR BUSINESS:  Foursquare is another interesting place for your business. It gives you an easy access of being found online. You can also join conversation regarding your area of interest.


online business directories

11. JOIN BUSINESS FORUM AND HUB ONLINE: You cannot have great success by isolating yourself. You need to join some hubs and forum online to participate in discussions and profer solution to their challenges. With this, you establish a trust and people feel free to outsource jobs to you and your company. A problem solved by you could also be shared on the page hereby increasing your reputation. Some forum in nigeria include: Nairaland forum, nigerian best forum, etc.

                                                                                           online business directories




12. PERSONAL BLOG:  In order to fortify your efforts to getting an online presence, you must leverage on the advantage of having a blog; either embedded in  your website or an independent one. With this, you can have a full access to your control panel and also control your contents entirely. This will also help you to continually create contents that can help build the profile of the company online.


online business directories

With these 10 places mentioned above, you can easily move your business online and watch it grow in order to yield its appropriate returns. It is not a magic, so it involves a conscious effort to get your target audience among the crowd. You must also be meticulous and get the settings right.


  • It increases brand awareness
  • It increases the changes of your business being found

If you need help fixing your business online through the above mention places, you can CLICK HERE or VISIT HERE.

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